Bristol City Football Club

As we have now come to the end of the season 1 write to commend both you and your staff for your diligent hard work this past season. All of the medical staff have been impressed by the level of hygiene within the medical room which we arc sure has helped contain many of the unpleasant bugs that harbour in such areas. I would also like to thank you for your constant feedback regarding improvements that the medical staff may take to help maintain the high level of standards.

If there are any other areas that you wish to discuss then please don’t hesitate to bring these forward.

Nick Dawes

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Gloucestershire County Cricket Club

Once again, a big note of thanks for all the efforts of you and your team at the Cheltenham Festival. We are all really pleased with the way you have gripped our cleaning and, throughout, your standards have been very high.

Many thanks, once again, to all of your team.

Tom Richardson

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